5 Do’s And Don’ts When Buying Shoes For Festive Occasion

As the festive season has come on the scene one more time, the dress up game has begun to play its role exuberantly. While you’re gauging the trends sincerely, it is even wise to follow the footwear trends to become a true connoisseur of fashion.

Find below a handy guide to help you buy perfect footwear for the festive occasion and stand tall in the crowd with perfect looks from head to toe.

Looks Actually Matter: Even if you’re draped in a floor-length dress or the most extravagant designer tuxedo, the fashion-fanatics are bound to throw glimpses on your feet. Let high-heeled pumps, metallic wedges, bright-hued stilettos, shiny black pointed derby shoes and brogues be in your calling card to get yourself that impeccable party look.


Don’t fall into the trap: It is essential to buy gorgeous shoes but no point of buying the ones that you are not comfortable in. Keep in mind that you have to walk, pose, dance and do a lot of footwork. The best thing is to prevent yourself from wobbling your way down the aisle or keep that uncomfortable expression on the face all the time during party.


Don’t inaugurate them on the day of the event: Don’t make the mistake of wearing the footwear for the first time at the event. Any footwear takes a bit of time to adjust in your feet. So, try them twice or thrice and move around the house on carpet for a week before the event to bring you at ease.

Shoes must match your outfits: You might not mind wearing any pair of shoes with your three-piece suit or carrying yourself in heels of any colour but they do make a significant difference in your overall appearance especially when photographed in a group.

Take the venue and weather into consideration: You must know if the party is on an open ground or in closed walls. Also, if the weather is rainy, dry, wintery or summery. Accordingly, you must select the pair so that your feet don’t suffer at any cost.


Last but not the least, your shoes should be as glamorous as your dress to give you a statement look worth applauding.

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