5 Ways to Reveal Your Patriotic Passion


As we step into the 71st year of our nation’s independence, let’s celebrate it in the patriotic spirit to let our banner fly. Of course, our hearts are brimming with feelings full of patriotism and that we don’t get the chance to express them quite often. Well, the opportunity is right here!

Let’s ooze out our love for the nation by indulging in the most chauvinistic activities dedicated to the day. Check out some most essential tasks pending for the day:

Send a message of love to the patriotic heroes: We sleep safely because they keep their life at stake. Their devotion is beyond praise but we can strengthen their spirits with a message of appreciation from each one of us. This Independence Day, let’s write them a message of gratitude. The more, the better! Write your personal note right here.

Take part in the flag-hoisting ceremony: It actually feels proud to see the flag unfurling and rising till the sky reach. So, don’t miss the golden moments of saluting the National Flag and redeeming the pledge of the nation to feel that pure vibes within.

Bata Flag Hoisting

Accessorize yourself in tricolor: Bask in the glory of our nation’s achievement by cladding yourself in tricolor fashion. Whether it is a handbag, footwear or simply a scarf, let saffron, white or green be a prominent part of you on this day.


Garner your surroundings with props that say ‘We are free’: Be it office desk or a part of your room, make a little effort to adorn your ambiance with trinkets symbolizing Independence. You can blow tricolor balloons, make a collage of freedom fighters, write quotes about India and delve deep into the right spirit needed for the day.

Enjoy the discounts on the occasion of Independence Day: As everyone around us is frivolous about the auspiciousness of the day, you can find special discounts for you everywhere. So, make the most of it! Check out here to find something interesting and unique.

Keep up the spirit and feel proud to be an Indian. Happy Independence Day!

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