7 Annoying Things That Your Sibling Does To You

There is no stronger bond than one between a brother and his sister. You might hate to find them like rodents everywhere every moment nevertheless you cannot deny the fact that you get restless when they are not around. Your siblings are your heart and soul no matter how much you fight. Well, express your love for them a bit differently by recalling some of the most annoying habits you find in them.

We’ve jotted down some for you right here:

The Mummy-Se-Keh-Dunga/Dungi Syndrome: Every time when they blackmail you to get their things done and they use this sword of complaining something secretive to the parents. You might not want to change everything but this irritating habit would surely be on the top of your list.

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Gorging and hiding your favorite food: When you keep your favorite food item safely in your stock to eat it later and you discover that the food item has already been eaten or hidden by no one but your sibling-cum-enemy at home.

The remote access: Those are the actual brawling moments when you both actually go on a war to win the television remote so that you get to watch your favourite serial.

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Over-sharing of clothes: Every time when you check out your sister showing off in your favourite t-shirt and you feel like nothing but giving a facepalm

The all-time interferers: Whether you’re talking to your crush, sharing a secretive thought with your bestie or smoking in your secret cell, they’re all eyes and ears on you every second to catch you for something that you hide to tell your family.

The demanding act: Those moments when you are left with no clue to get rid of them when they find interest in everything that you buy or possess and do everything to own it.

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‘I am too smart’ attitude: When you genuinely want to help your younger one and he/she denies every suggestion claiming himself/herself to be smarter than you.

But siblings are siblings and we cannot compare their love with anyone in this world. So, enjoy the bond of love every moment. But don’t miss to write to us about any annoying habit of your sibling that you feel you can’t bear. Happy Rakshabandhan!

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