A Tribute To The Doting Father Figures

The new bundle of joy comes as a surprise package for the newly-formed parents. Though mothers do take the cake for their crazy motherhood phase we salute the father figures equally for handling the journey of fatherhood with all the charm and grace.

This Father’s Day, we appreciate the existence of doting fathers for playing a backbone in the life of their kids. It’s not just the mothers who feel shocked, panicked, scared or mesmerized but the emotions run with the same intensity in fathers too.

We pay a tribute to the most popular father categories that we have known since ages. And how preferences change with individual’s unique traits. Here are some interesting facts:

The Punctual Dad

He can miss on everything but not time! What makes him get up on the wrong side of the bed is his inability to follow the time in any way. Since he lives on the simple fact that time and tide wait for none, he is more a perfectionist of sorts.

Shoes to choose: His personality favors dressy shoes with a formal built. He would love to team up his clothes with leather lace-ups that have narrow toes.

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The Fashionable Dad: You can talk with him for hours and still not feel bored. He loves to stay updated on almost everything that comes in the trendy category. He is open to listen and speak about music, movies, cars, gadgets, clothes and everything else.

Shoes to choose:  He is ready to experiment with everything trendy including casual lace-up shoes, moccasins, derbies and everything else.



The Super-Active Dad: Everyone on earth will get tired at some point of time but he will not, we bet! He toils hard at office and still finds time to complete all the pending household chores without earning a frown.

Shoes to choose:  He believes style and comfort come hand in hand. So, a classy pair of formal and casual shoes with cushiony insole is perfect to keep their feet at ease all day long.


The Geeky Dad

He is found clung to his gadgets and engrossed in his four-walled world as he feels like a stranger in the company of people. His nose is found stuck in his gadgets even when he is sitting at the dinner table.

Shoes to choose: Slip-ons are the right pick for him as he doesn’t even bother to tie his shoe-laces. So, boat shoes and loafers are meant for him and just him.

So this Father’s Day, Kiddos treat your daddies for everything they’ve done for you and give them all the love. We are here with Flat 50% off on our sassiest men’s collection. Grab a couple of them and let him step into the world of comfort.

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