All About The Finesse Behind “Good Year Welted” Collection

If we go by the phrase, tell a man by his shoes, Good Year Welted Collection is a perfect selection as it stands out for its refined appearance and finest construction. The collection comes with an uber-classy range including oxfords and derbies that are all about high aesthetics and exuberant finesse.

What’s even more interesting is the construction of these shoes. Good Year Welt is indeed a technique that uses a band of leather, rubber or plastic and makes it run along the perimeter of the shoe outsole. Invented by Charles Goodyear in 1869, the shoes-stitching technique is one of the best showcases of excellent craftsmanship that binds comfort, durability and health of the feet in one package.


Over and above the classy appeal the shoes have to offer, these shoes come with many more reasons to tempt you to earn them for your wardrobe. Know here:

They ensure supreme solidity: The distinctive stitching ensures impeccable binding to the insole, sole, welt and upper, providing complete robustness to the shoes.

Durability unparalleled: The sewing method ensures to add longevity to the footwear making it worth the price. This makes sure that the shoes are intact and come with all the strength.

Comfort like never before: The shoes come with a comfortable footbed while the midsole is designed such that it fills the space between insole and outsole for added support.

Sole attraction: The best part of the shoe is that Good year welted shoes can get renewed every time there is wear and tear in its sole, unlike other shoes. So, there is no worry at all when it comes to giving unbelievable special treatment to the shoes to make them last long.

Design appeal: The peculiar stitching makes the shoes come with a somewhat unique look wherein the upper curves inwards to the edge of the sole. This adds to the eccentricity of the shoes giving it an out-of-the-box look.


Take our word, these shoes are worth spending your fortune for they will add a definite class and exuberance to your overall personality.

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