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Because Every Little Step Counts!

A girl getting education in our country learns more than arithmetic and reading. She learns that “She” is important. She stands up for her rights and goes after her dreams. We at Bata have joined hands with KC Mahindra Education Trust to support project Nanhi Kali to give her a loud thunderclap by paving a way for her better future. We have always heard of inspiring stories of girls courageously defying gender and societal stereotypes to learn and fight for her rights. Now it’s your time to support and become a part of her story and inspire her to dream big.

Help her take a step towards a better tomorrow with us. Because…

Millions of girls are locked out of opportunities

Out of the world’s 130 million out-of-school children 70% are girls. The shocking statistics of UNESCO had revealed that in India nearly 47% of adolescent girls are underweight and the best way to fight malnutrition is to educate girls. Because if we eliminate the barriers that keep girls out of classroom there is a greater chance that she will finish high school or university to at least get a respectable white-collar salaried job.

She fears to live the life of her dreams

Our dreams are as dynamic as we are, and they are super precious to us. Contrary to popular belief, every girl does not dream of a perfect wedding, and a fairy tale marriage with the promise of ‘happily ever after.’ But quite often, we compromise because mummy / daddy / teacher / boyfriend / whoever thinks we should. Well, that’s super silly, now isn’t it?

It’s high time to break societal stereotypes

Gender should, not at all, play as a parameter to decide whether a child gets the right to education, health and to live free from violence or not. There is an urgent need to throw light at the plight of girls born in conservative sections of our society. So we believe education can play a major role in bring the wave of change and can provide our little champs continuous encouragement and support to fight age-old persistent social stigmas like child-marriages, female foeticide, high rate of drop-outs etc.

Nanhi kali Ballerinas

She is uniquely and equally capable in making the world better

She performs 66% of the work, produces 50% of the food but earns only 10% of the world’s income and owns just 1% of the world’s land. Do you really need any other reason to hold on tightly to raise her hopes and desires, and do all you can to nurture them? Hence it’s time to recognize her needs and pioneer in doing whatever it takes to make her wishes come true.

Educated girls become empowered women

Life for women is no longer about first being the perfect daughter, and then the perfect wife and bahu. We have moved far from living in Victorian times where a woman was subject to many restrictions and was supposed to live her life for other people, playing just the roles that fulfilled their needs. Today, she can become whatever she wants, be it a scientist, a photographer, a writer, a mountaineer, a dancer, a teacher, a businesswoman, or whatever else inspires her. All what is needed is our support to help girls attain holistic development.

Our initiative aims to lead young girl achievers become more successful and powerful because “her” education creates the ripples of change for the generations to come.

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