Celebrating Powerful Women And Their Sassy Shoes

One of the sexiest style icons of all times, Marilyn Monroe once said, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world,” we just can’t agree more. And to play up our craze for footwear further,  may we add the fact that the more the merrier?

According to a recent online poll by TIME, women on an average own 27 pairs of shoes. That’s a lot and yet just the average.

International Women’s Day is around the corner and we are crushing over women’s undying love for shoes. Let’s have a look at some of our powerful women figurines and how they style their footwear. We’re not just taking style inspiration but also showcasing how they redefine living by their own rules.

The Party Conquerors

These women love to be christened as the most beautiful women in the Universe as they elude classy perfection all the way. Their love for strutting out like a princess is not restricted to floor-sweeping gowns, mini-length dresses or after dark ensembles but sexy stilettos in heart-winning styles.

The Casual Chic

They don’t give up to look gorgeous every single day. Be it frolicking around with friends or hanging out with family, they know how to amalgamate modernity and elegance in the right proportion without fail. They are a delight to the eyes whenever they show up in public.



The 9 to 5 Queens

They know how to present themselves with poise and make a stellar impression in public. And yes, they never shy away from keeping their own style forward without confirming to the norms followed blindly – both in their personal style and their choice of movies. Dynamic to the core, we must say.

The Swag Lovers

They come out to be winners every time with their eccentric styles that exude oomph without getting apologetic. Well, they know how to stand out in a crowd with their unique presence that gains attention to impress one and all. You accidentally love their presence wherever you find them.

So, get inspired with these classy and powerful women, enjoy your womanhood the way you want and put your best foot forward!

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