Easy Practices To Maintain Your Shoes This Monsoon

The heavy cloudburst can wreak disaster in the life of your footwear collection. The moistness leads to dinginess, deformation, bad odor and what not! Well, there is a solution to every problem and taking good care of your shoes from dampness and humidity is just the right way. Here are few quick practices for you to remember to keep your shoes in their healthiest state.

Brush away the mud: Make it a habit of taking off the mud settling on the shoes day in and day out. This would prevent it from settling down and further help in keeping the shoe damp-free.

Dry before stacking them: Let not the damp shoe enter into your shoe cabinet, it might lead to the growth of fungus which will lead to bad odor and dullness. It is better to give them enough time breath in open for a lustrous long-lasting look.


Wax and polish the leather shoes: Leather shoes are not the right picks for monsoons except emergencies. Remember that you do not step out without applying shoe wax or polish to prevent any damage or moisture from seeping in.

Keep the shape intact: It is quintessential to keep the shape of the shoe intact for an impressive look. A good-quality shoe tree made out of solid wood absorbs moisture maintaining the crispness of the shoe. A cedar shoe tree can serve a dual purpose as they would help prevent odor. Alternatively, paper and tea-bags also help in absorbing the shoe moisture and maintaining the shape of the shoe.

Introduce dehumidifiers in your closet: Get a dehumidifier for your footwear wardrobe to let it absorb the humidity preventing the formation of fungus. Also, avoid placing the shoes directly in the wardrobe. Place them in mesh shoe cloth covers for healthy and long life. A scotch-guard spray further helps in the elimination of stains and keep the shoes away from water and dirt for a natural sheen.

Let monsoons do not play a havoc in your footwear closet. Keep them dry, healthy and odorless for their happy and long life.                                                                                                                                                                                             

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