Ensure Healthy And Clean Foot Hygiene

While footwear artisans are letting no stone unturned to adorn your feet with the most fashionable design, it becomes quintessential to take care of your feet’s heath for an overall accentuated look. Like a healthy heart resides in a healthy body, stylish footwear embodies a healthy foot in the most exuberant manner.

Take good care of your feet by letting them look, smell and feel good. Invest some time in cleaning your feet to ensure its good health and hygiene. Here’s a handy guide:

Wash thoroughly: Cleanse your feet in a tub of lukewarm water. Keep it for not more than 5 minutes as it might rinse off the essential skin oils. Wash them twice daily to prevent the formation of bacterial and bad odor.

Exfoliation is good: Gently rub pumice stone on the moist skin of your feet and remove the dead cells on the heels to rip off the calluses and corns. while your skin is still moist to gently remove dead skin on your heels and to prevent calluses and corns. Prevent removing calluses with pointed objects.


Never leave it wet: Once the foot is washed, make sure you keep it dry especially the space between the toes. Clean the feet with a dry towel.

Moisturize it regularly: Let the crack and openings of the footwear skin be moisturized with clinically tested lotions rich in natural skin oils and olive oil.

Clean and trim your nails: Healthy toenails are essential to ensure good foot hygiene. Clip the nails and cut them without removing the cuticle as it prevents entry of bacteria inside the nails. Ensure a healthy color of nails as discolored and thick nails are indicative of fungal infection.

Be particular about socks: It is important to wear socks with shoes to prevent them from direct cuts and blisters but more than that it is crucial to wear rich-quality cotton socks that allow your feet to breathe and remain cool. Also, don’t show negligence in changing the socks regularly to ensure infection-free and healthy feet.

Prevent your feet from extreme conditions: Both hot and cold weather conditions impact the health of the feet as cold conditions decrease the sensation while hot conditions tan them to a great extent. It is recommended to wear socks with a thick material in cold weather to keep them warm but too tight socks might block blood circulation. Also, remember to apply sunscreen on your feet when you’re stepping out in the sun.


Wear shoes that fit: The choice of footwear plays an important role in ensuring the good health of your feet. While the exterior matters, it is equally important to pick shoes with rich interiors crafted from good-quality insole and lining to prevent your feet from sweating and oozing bad odor.

Well, here at Bata, we ensure to not just delight you with the most stylish and comfortable footwear but make sure that you keep your best foot forward in the healthiest way possible.

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