Bata shoes for Valentine's

Finding your sole mate!

Nothing feels like finding the perfect love or your favorite pair of shoes!

Remember the effort of finding one which gives a feeling of love at first sight, then opening the package, the new smell of leather, getting nostalgic when you first walked wearing them on the road, or darting through the streets with your bestie or rushed to office. An oh-so-worthy pick has some relevance in your life, right at least for lending versatility to your wardrobe. So we call it an unforgettable “love for good shoes” as they take you to good places.

For not so subtle love

A perfect partner for the woman who loves to lift up her street cred with blinged-out looks. Her oh-so stylish appeal shines bright in incredibly confident attire with heels showcasing lustrous sheen with statement gems and sparkling sequins.

Glitter collage

Head over “heels”

Oh no, it’s not the red rose that’s turning her scarlet but her love for fashionista pumps and that’s kind of same thing. It’s a statement she boasts for the beloved style that marks a return to all-out femininity in her ambitious composure.

Heels collage

So plush this is the new crush

Cut to fit close to the feet, he is the handsome who is undeniably sauve in his appeal and proves that style staples needn’t be boring. Because there is more than love at first sight and we call it “love at first fit” when you slip into snazzy loafers in suede or sophisticated regal footwear emblazoned to perfection for effortless transition from 9-5 to date night. A loafer fit for a king who puts a little bark into your sartorial bite with ultra-opulent looks.

Loafers collage

Superlative comfort fanatics

Low-key fashionistas or as we say the lovers of leisurely luxury like to go for refined daytime looks in normcore staples. Sporting a laidback vibe they always love to walk around in comfortable soles by stepping into some stylish side-walk ready footwear like flats, quirky espadrilles and cool sneakers which prove to be fine examples of nailing the basics.

Casual collage

Super elegant beau

Love-struck for dapper or admirers of finesse, these quality men love shoes that are detail-driven. From derbies to brogues, his panache will ensure the quintessential gent is always well turned out of boardroom meetings, coffee runs and everything in between.

Brogues collage


Chocolate is good but shoes are carb-free. So, this Valentine’s feed your love of all things stylish with an endearing pair of shoes and bring a winsome smile to you or your beloved’s face. As there is nothing more beautiful than love at first fit!



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