ShoeHow: How To Loosen Tight Shoes

One of the biggest reasons why people don’t shop for shoes online is the fear of ordering the wrong size. Step 1: choose the right shoe with the Bata Shoe Size Chart. So, you chose the right size and ordered the shoes but do they still seem a little less than perfect for your feet? That imperfection is a slight tightness every new shoe comes with. Usually the shoe loosens up after you wear them 3-4 times but if you want your shoes to perfectly fit the first time you step out in them, here are some ways to do it:

The Sock Balls Trick
shutterstock_129155216Pick some socks for each shoe and roll them into small balls. Push these sock balls into the shoes until they are properly in. Keep the shoes aside overnight. You’ll find your shoes much loosened up the next morning.

The Wet Newspaper Trick
shutterstock_337935203Much like the sock balls trick, the option of stuffing wet newspaper also works wonders for opening up your new shoes. Collect a good amount of newspaper sheets and slightly wet them. Stuff them into your shoes and let them dry. You’ll find your shoes a little more opened up post the trick.

The Wear-At-Home Trick
shutterstock_341368592Wear your new shoes at home and strut around. Yes, it’s that easy. As mentioned earlier, new shoes loosen up after you wear them 3-4 times. So, instead of wearing them outside in discomfort, just put them on in the comfort of your living room where you have the choice to take them off whenever you want.

The Alcohol Spray Trick
shutterstock_362941874Create a mix containing equal parts of rubbing alcohol and water and pour it into a spray bottle. Spray the mixture into the shoes and quickly wear them before it dries up. You can also dip a pair of socks in the mixture and wear the shoes with the socks on.

The Potato Trick
shutterstock_348257234Peel two potatoes, as big as you want the shoes to open up and stuff them into the shoes. Keep them overnight and wipe off any residue left.

The Hair Dryer Trick
shutterstock_150951053This trick should only be applied to leather shoes. Pull on a thick pair of socks and fit in your feet in the new shoes. Apply heat from the hair dryer directly to the area where you need the shoes to loosen up from and keep stretching your feet as much as you can for a few seconds. Keep the shoes on until the heat cools down. Repeat if required. If you find the shoes have dried up due to the process, apply leather shoe conditioner.

So, take your pick and step out in your dapper new shoes without any awkward and uneasy moments

Note: Use these tips and tricks carefully. If the brand has mentioned that the shoes won’t stretch, then the best trick would be to change the size. Do not use the heat method on vintage shoes and shoes made of plastic and fabric, as they are not meant to withstand heat. Try using the easier methods first. Bata is not responsible for any mishappening that might be caused due to these methods.

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