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Keep On Your Toes While Climbing Corporate Ladder

The startup stage is over and the real world is calling, you’re now building a brand and are on the verge of networking with some of the quintessential businessmen. Portraying power is the sole mantra! To dramatically improve how you are perceived by others, what you wear and where you score on your office style-hierarchy plays criminally a large part.

Our grandfathers always mentioned a stock phrase to teach their callow lads which says, “Never do business with a man in loafers”. So, if you thought you could get away with those cheap-looking slip-ons, think again.

Buying the best dress shoes could be a daunting process for young professionals but they will definitely add a smidgen of panache to your outfit. Even the best of us can make most basic blunders to those innocent mistakes from time to time but it’s not too hard to avoid following dapper style faux pas when wearing dress shoes.

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Not so refined square toed style: A general style pointer to keep in mind would be to avoid wearing square toed dress shoes as your feet are not square and they look incredibly dated when coupled with skinny or slim fit trousers. These big clumpy toe boxes are not at all elegant and gets you noticed for all the wrong reasons. An ideal option would be gentle rather blunt toe as usually found on oxfords to give your workday wardrobe a shot of individuality.

Rubber soles are meant for the jungle, what say:  Dress shoes are dressy and when you walk for those smart-special occasions there are numerous subtleties to be considered strictly. Leather soles add a refined edge to your footwear with that really elegant sound, whereas rubber soles look informal and often protrude, thereby, leading us to an unseemly gaffe.

Those knots are a tricky affair: When encroaching modernity in ways you dress for corporate evenings the sharp and crisp style of your shoes plays a great role. Hence tying the laces of your dress shoes in the “granny knot” style gives you a more cosmopolitan look and makes the ensemble way more interesting and classy.

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Shun the overly-done brogues:  Brogues with too heavy punched pattern and perforations ruins any dress code instantly. A classy dresser‘s style is deep rooted in the classics with some modern sensibility. However, to rate high on sartorial spectrum overly intricate designs on brogues look shoddy and completely destroys the sophistication associated with formal dressing. Keep things classic with a touch of finesse in detailing and a dapper pattern that lets you stand tall wherever you go.

Sticking to basics is not just black: Wearing black formal shoes with any boardroom attire or specific occasions makes for a safe bet but for those stylish, streamlined kicks at events where you wish to look sharp instead of strictly formal, elaborately-designed two-tone Derby’s or dressy wing-tips elevates your tailored suit jacket and lends a contemporary take on 9-to-5 dressing. However, go for timeless classics or a suave pair of leather monk strap shoes rather than formal black slip-ons which look too boring and lack versatility. Experiment to a fair amount but do not stray away from the home base.

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When you wish to resonate with some of the best entrepreneurs in black-tie events through your charismatic demeanor or wish to take an effortless transition from hard core laidback to the master of swag at weddings or corporate parties, these style pointers will let you scale new highs of sophistication in hierarchy of dapper style and will help you exude some best personal magnetism.

So carry yourself with confidence, stand up for your passions and drives and the rest will fall into place.

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