Men Footwear Forecast For Summers 2018

While shapes, textures, colors, and materials remain to be the vital part of the checklist for buying men footwear, there are some big trends forecasted for this season that will leave you spellbound. The introduction of unique patterns including geometric and floral ones in the juicy palette are some surprises that you’d certainly come across with the transition in weather.

Get on your toes as we purposely spill the beans on the hottest trends that’ll do the rounds for a while now:

Printed Loafers: Did you read it right? Yes, absolutely. Prints have made a comeback in the fashion arena with all the pomp and show. From bright to dull and heavy to light, there is nothing that is out of style. So, indulge yourself in the playful range of loafers that has no limit in terms of creativity. Glitters, polkas, florals, animals, there is nothing that is out of coverage area for men this season.

Sailing the boat: Waiting for Friday? Or planning a vacation on the beach? Boat shoes are footwear staples for the summers and the best part is that you can put those tight-fit socks to rest with these shoes. Not just comfort, these shoes are high on aesthetics and ensure to impart a super-smart look to the wearer.


Trainers or Canvas in White: White has come out to be the ‘it’ trend this year. The airy canvas or trainers seem to be the right match to the peaceful hue by all means. The go-to shoes can be easily carried with tees and chinos while hitting clubs, parks or any light outings with friends and family. Let yourself get comfortable with the flashy trend and it’s surely going to turn the tables for you.

Open-toed wander: Reminisced to the ancient history, the open-toed sandals have their existence from a long era but they seem to have evolved in terms of design, shape, and color combination. Be it casual strolls, light outings or running errands, the airy footwear is perfect to give your feet the much-needed breath and comfortability.


Espadrilles: Originated in Spain, this type of footwear truly owes its popularity to the Miami star Don Johnson. Well, the built of the shoe is in itself summery. With the cotton fabric upper and jute rope sole, the shoes come with dry fit properties and make one looks like a million dollar in the sweltering weather.

Let your footwear closet undergo some rounds of revision for the season has many goodies to offer to your feet.

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