Our Best Picks From Instagram

We’re swooning over the classy fashionistas and bloggers all over India putting their best foot forward with Bata. And when we say foot, we mean foot. We all have tried styling beautiful overall looks but capturing your footwear in an effortlessly stunning picture is a different game altogether. And these fashion addicts have hit the bull’s eye.

Riya Jain’s Old School Favourite

Personal fashion and lifestyle blogger from Mumbai, this petite beauty can style casual and ethnic looks alike. And trust her if you need to blend all of it together.

What she said: Bata proves that even if they are deviating from their comfort zone by expanding into high heels, they still provide the comfort that we always associate with Bata shoes.

Follow her at https://instagram.com/caughtinacuff


Sanjana Ghai’s Comfort Pick

Fashion Stylist at Cosmopolitan India, Sanjana is no less of a star herself. With a fan following of over 20k on Instagram, Sanjana’s style screams glam so loud.

What she said: Looking for nice affordable slip-on shoes? go buy these!

Follow her at https://instagram.com/sanjanaghai


Magali Vaz’s Casual Chic

A lifestyle, travel, fashion and beauty blogger-vlogger from Mumbai, Magali chose the sneakers for a casual vacation.

What she said: Comfy, stylish & most importantly doesn’t cost a bomb. Bet you wouldn’t have guess(ed) where they’re from – @blog.bata.india.

Follow her at https://instagram.com/magali_c

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