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The first thing that pops up in anyone’s mind while we plan to gear up for marathon events or simple jogging sessions is a good pair of running shoes. And what would be better than a pair of Power shoes being added to your wish list! With a wide array of performance boosting features to choose from, Power creates high caliber sports specific shoes for enthusiasts and pros alike.

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Runners, sportsmen, fitness enthusiasts and adventurers who demand technically advanced footwear with unmatched quality and value can trust Power. Whether you’re looking for stability, comfort, support, breathability, safety, traction, shock absorption or a lightweight pair of shoes for maximized flexibility, Power has a pair that fits the bill of one and all.

The brand’s commitment to helping athletes of every skill level had made them innovate some of the path breaking technologies in category of running shoes. Hence, we are here to introduce you with some state of the art technology that Power has made to lift the game of Indian athletes.

P-Zone Cushion Technology

Made to support a wide variety of sports activities, Power shoes come with injected midsole to deliver the plush cushioning and comfort needed to maintain a neutral and efficient stride.

Formulated with specially made EVA material, Power shoes respond immediately after every foot strike for maximum energy return and foot protection. Making them extremely light in weight, this exclusive technology enables cushioning system to absorb intense heel impact that forces to reduce strain and fatigue.

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P-Vent 3-in-1 Ventilation

Power introduces an ideal ventilation process for Indian weather that allows air to come in and out of the shoes and keep your feet cool.

Venting is created through fine cavities that allow direct airflow and prevent debris from entering the shoes. Placed strategically in the place where most of the heat is generated, this technology allows the natural airflow with the movement of foot.

The Sweat Control Fiber provides moisture management, allowing for total breathability and preventing the growth of bacteria and the development of odor in the feet. The fabrics are designed to manage moisture within a shoe environment to keep the foot surface dry and comfortable.

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Every athlete in the world knows the importance of traction to achieve peak performance.

Engineered to improve traction for quick directional changes and reduce friction, Power has developed this technology for enhance performance. Beneficial for activities that require sudden starts and stops, this technology offers excellent control without additional weight and encourages forefoot flexibility while maintaining stability for improved speed and responsiveness.

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Interesting facts about the brand

The brand was chosen as the official sports shoe of the 1986 FIFA World Cup of Football in Mexico City. Power has been sold over 20 counties worldwide including Canada, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Power has associations with some of the greatest names in sporting field with some of names mentioned below.

  • Legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden
  • NBA champion “Downtown” Fred Brown
  • MLB stars Lloyd Moseby and Hall-of-Famer Dave Winfield
  • Eight-time Ironman World Champion triathlete Paula Newby-Fraser
  • Unbeatable squash superstar Jahangir Khan and the World Professional Squash Association
  • Television fitness guru Sharon Mann
  • Celebrity dance choreographer Wade Robson
  • Pro skaters, including Willy Santos, Jesse Landen, James Craig, Dayne Brummet, Mike Crum, and the late Josh Evin

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