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Power Play is “her” game!

Whether it’s time to get pretty professional or to put an outfit together with punch and panache to show off her fresh pedicure in fashionable footwear, she always unveils the best of her charisma to the world. Energetic and effortlessly cool, women are high on style and low on fuss and seem to move fluidly to get along with everyone. Her persona tranforms from the ones who are ready for adventures in the urban jungle to calm composed and focused genre but she’s always well styled.

Whether you’re an affectionate lover of stilettos or obsessed with wearing sneakers, your choice in footwear can give people a sneak peek into your inner self. Appearances can be deceptive but not the appearance of your shoes. Shoes convey a thin but useful slice of information about their wearers. From bold to basic, each pair plays a unique role to make a strong statement about your personality traits. If you have not heard about shoe personality, then you have landed just right to become aware of certain facts on how your shoes reveal your personality.

Fashion-forward modern woman today plays diverse roles and the idea of breaking down different personality types by her best-loved shoes is such an interesting concept. So, let’s take a fascinating glimpse into what your favorite pairs say about you.

Fashionistas sky high heels

Though heels are an ultimate symbol of femininity, walking around in towering heels might lead to backaches but this pain doesn’t stop those who are incredibly confident about their sex appeal from owning a rack full of just ‘heels’. As impressive as their range of footwear, ladies who own much of this shoe style take pride in their looks and love attention.

Sky high heels


Playful flats for rooted souls

For the people who admire simple classics in their wardrobe, always turn to flats as they work their butt off behind the scenes to ensure there’s always a perfect finished product. They glide through the day in luxurious comfort being ready for everything, whether that be a mile-long walk to happy hour or an unexpected client meeting. And the best part is, the flat-wearer is focused, very modest, and generous reflecting humble character that does not require any attention. But their penchant for comfy footwear like open footwear, ballerinas, mules and any footwear that has no trace of a heel shows that they aren’t open to changes.


Sartorial masterpieces – ‘Pumps’

Pumps are synonymous to simplicity, elegance and class. Universally women in the business world lean towards pumps as these play a perfect platform to leave a lasting impression. Being focused, aspirational and determined in nature, the incredibly hardworking corporate women love shoes that are detail-driven. Usually in a leadership role, pump woman is powerful and ensures that the job gets done properly and is usually driven by work ethics in her ambitious composure.

Master minimalist – Wedges and platforms

Worn to feel taller while holding all the control, practical woman who loves to face the elements in elegance has a troupe of wedges on her shelves. Self-assured and graceful, she loves to strike a perfect balance of comfort and feminine flair with her strong presence. Rarely caught dead in the athleisure trend or running weekend errands in flip-flops, she loves to elevate her persona by a wedge heel for a stylish stride.

Wedges Online


Rhetoric Stilettos or fancy heels to steal the show

Pointed toe suede courts and stilettos are meticulously designed to elevate one’s diva look, taking sophisticated style from elegant to extraordinary. This shoe style is for woman who is incredibly confident and loves to put her style firmly in the spotlight, being a glamazon who always makes an entrance like a show-stopper. Even though people call her shallow, she likes to put in effort in the way she looks.

The art inspired flip flops

Although flip-flops might not be the best choice in footwear but these rank up there with backyard grills, beach towels, and baseball as a quintessential symbol of summer fun. It is the perfect easy-chic shoe for laid-backs to complete their casual jeans + tee ensembles. As you may have guessed, flip-flop wearer is a person who loves being very casual about everything in life. Liberated from formalities, they follow their bliss and own enough pairs for matching a spectrum of moods and are always ready for a leisure stroll down the promenades.

Raise your game with street smart sneakers and trainers

Stylish, trendy and super cool, sneaker buffs radiate a sporty vibe with their warrior mode on. They love to rock athleisure getups with a tasteful take on norm-core. Energetic and effortlessly cool, they are high on style and low on fuss and seem to move fluidly to get along with everyone. Featuring an artistic side with an uncanny desire to discover new places, they have a serious case of wanderlust and love to travel.



Are you a go-getter, an attention-seeker, an introvert, laid-back, or fiery? Your go-to shoe says a lot about you!

Since we have shared with you the best of secrets that timeless styles of shoes utter about you, take a sneak peek into your wardrobe now and redefine your personal style. Wanna play an easy-going street smart with staples or wanna show off your fresh pedicure in designer splurges, the choice is yours. Just make sure you unveil the best of YOU, tactically with a new eye to shoe-style when it comes to fashion.

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