Celebrating The Bond!

Love to hate or hate to love, but that’s for sure that our siblings are number one rivalries. Their sole mission in life is to annoy or irritate us, but still the beauty lies in the fact that below the undercurrent of this episodic rivalry, flows sincere love and concern. And Raksha Bandhan is the perfect day to celebrate this bond by showering your li’l baby sibling or big bro with an unexpected surprise filled with great affection.

Like mother like daughter

No need for an introduction, these elder sisters always popped up as your life’s number one villain when you scored way too less marks in exams (as she always excelled in her academics). But still not afraid to be different or bold, she responsibly handled everything well for you, from those parent-teacher meets, to tying your school shoes laces to burning midnight oil to help you clear the exams. These ladies who admire simple classics and work their butt off behind the scenes, deserve an elegant surprise of polished yet refined pieces like towering heels and pointed toes on this Raksha Bandhan to glide through the day in luxurious comfort.

elder sis

Chirpy baby siblings

Stylish, trendy and super-cool, your baby sibling whose sole mission in life was to annoy you, deserves a pair of super-comfy sneakers, as she always helped you by opening the door late at night when you told her “Chupke se darwaza khol dena!”. Energetic and effortlessly cool, she always made your life low on fuss and turned every difficult art project or practical assignment into a child’s play.


Bro code

On this Rakhi show your philanthropist version to your little bro who taught you how to ball while he was always batting and also snatched tv remote (when you were watching your favorite serial) for world war 3, as he had been your partner in crime and accompanied you in all your crazy endeavors by cleaning up the mess in every awkward situation. Gift him his favorite pair of casual shoes as a silly but nice gesture of gratitude to make him feel he’s your real bro and not an adopted one (as you repeatedly declared tujhe kachre ke dabbe se laye the dialog!

lil bro

Like father like son

He had been the one who always gave us those little surprises to feel really special. Though he had been tough at times, but he was affectionate enough when you asked him, “Papa ke sign karde”. Always hardworking, these brothers who had been more in a Dad’s role to shield you from the smallest to the biggest problems are full of an ambitious composure that deserves a must have addition to the shoe arsenal like sartorial formal shoes such as elaborately-designed two-tone Derbies or dressy wing-tip brogues to add a smidgen of panache to their style.


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