For The Love-Hate Relationship!

Born to Rule

No need for an introduction, she responsibly handled everything well for you, from tying your school shoes laces to annoying parent-teacher meets to burning midnight oil to help you clear the exams. These ladies worked behind the scenes to help you grow in every field and deserve an elegant surprise of polished yet refined pieces, like towering heels and pointed-toe pumps to glide through the day in luxurious comfort.



Fashionista of the family

Clever yet innocent, your baby sibling’s sole mission in life was to annoy you, especially by stealing all your new stuff and claiming it as theirs. They acted crybabies and were the first one to get to mom and dad to blame you and turn the fight story in their favor. But no doubt, however irritating she became, she always made your life low on fuss by turning every difficult art project or practical assignment into a child’s play and by quietly opening the door late at night when you came after partying with your friends.


Li’l Secret Admirer

He had been your partner in crime and accompanied you in all your crazy endeavors by cleaning up the mess in every awkward situation. He also taught you how to ball while he was always batting and snatched TV remote when you were watching your favorite serial. Though he acted troublesome at times but in real life he secretly idolized you. So this Rakhi show him your love by gifting him a similar pair of sneakers that he always admired, to make him feel he’s your real bro and not an adopted one (as you repeatedly teased him).



Father’s True Copy

For the big brother who doesn’t worry about the small stuff and always plays more of a Dad’s role to shield you from the tiniest to the biggest problems. He had been the one who always gave you those little surprises and secretly admired your fashion advice. Since it’s the only time of the year when you are nice to him, he deserves a sartorial addition to his shoe arsenal such as elaborately-designed two-tone Derbies or dressy wing-tip brogues to add a smidgen of panache to their style.



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