Happy Friendship Day

Sole to Soul Connection!

For friends life goes on knowing each other better every day and the BFFs aren’t shy when it comes to sharing. They say a little less and care a little more by sharing everything from good to bad moods, their favorite outfits and not just clothes, they also share shoes. So do you know what, that oh-so-worthy pick in your wardrobe can add some relevance in your bestie’s life for certain occasions when you lend a few adorable options in your capsule collection.

Let’s go chillin’ duo

For a friend who loves partying it up with you nearly every night of the month share a sassy pair of statement stilettos to flaunt some blinged-out looks. Because she always helped you when you had an outfit crisis and friendship’s day is round the corner to show her a cute gesture.

Heels Sharing

Cheers to the bro code

For a friend who had been your partner in crime and accompanied you in all your crazy endeavors to that one buddy who cleaned up mess in every awkward situation. Share your favorite pair of sneakers which he loved when you first walked wearing them on the road darting through the streets with your bestie. A silly but nice gesture of gratitude to make him feel he’s your real bro!

Sharing casual shoes (2)

Seize the day my friend

To the 3 a.m. friend who managed staying up all night before semesters to help you clear all those toughest exams, share sophisticated regal formal footwear emblazoned to perfection so that his first interview or date night is well turned out. A fine expression to show appreciation of his efforts and to return kindness.


Giving formal shoes

Lazy partners for life

She’d been always there in the middle of the night to deal with any emotional breakdown and honestly gave you advice in the harsh times to make you feel home. So this friendship’s day plan a stroll to your favorite mall or market with your bestie sharing with her your most comfortable soles (as a deliberate thank you gesture) so that you both can spend countless hours of chilling in some stylish side-walk ready footwear sporting a mutual laid back vibe.

Sharing flats


So this is a rule to consider to “never say no” when your bestie asks to shop your wardrobe for free. And if you had been friends who together shared silence as well as chaos and had been good buddies through it all, you owe to share a million things with your bestie including your favorite pair of shoes to boast that unbreakable bond.

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